Are you having the loudest sex in New York? Do you live in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn?

Specifically, do you live in the 59-unit apartment building at 7201 Ridge Boulevard, on the corner of 72nd Street? Does the brackish scent of nearby New York Harbor excite you, wafting through your open windows as you scream, “Oh yeah, oh, do it to me?”

“I’m not sure what they were doing, but the woman was moaning and screaming, ‘Oh yeah, oh, do it to me,” said the complainant, who asked to remain anonymous out of fear of angering his landlord.

“I’m not a prude but there are kids in the building, and it was just a ridiculously loud amount of noise being made that the first time another woman yelled out her window, ‘Shut your f—ing windows you whore!’” he added.

According to a Freedom of Information request filed by DNAinfo, you are having the loudest sex in all the five boroughs. Your neighbors have called 311 six times in the last year alone to file formal complaints about your indefatigable libido and your very loud sex.

Congratulations. If you’d like to explain yourself, do so in the comments, or send us an email. No judgements here.

Update: According to the Daily Mail, Mr. Loverman is a 25-year-old maintenance man who works in the building and habitually boinks one of its tenants.

He outed himself after Daily Mail Online asked him and the building manager who had been making the complaints.

The boyfriend said: ‘I don’t believe it because I’m the one who stays there. I pop in there a lot.

I’m sure you do, buddy.

[Image via Google Maps]