Teacup Yorkie Ariana Grande has been releasing albums for a little over a year, but she already has a diva-sized 'tude, according to a news.com.au report. The piece claims that she arrived at an interview with a list of demands (don't ask questions about: relationships/dating/ex-boyfriends, Mariah Carey, Sam & Cat/Jennette McCurdy, working/collaborating with Justin Bieber, her grandfather passing away).

The piece also claims that Grande had demands for her photo shoot. Chiefly, she asked to be shot from the left side—the better to show off the cutest facial feature in the world, her dimple. She supposedly canceled shoots after photographers failed to honor her requests.

This would seem like idle chatter or just by-the-numbers superstar entitlement, except that she turned up on Australian TV yesterday looking intent on putting her best face (that'd be her left one) forward. Watch above as she repeatedly turns to the interviewers to listen to field their questions and then immediately away. She moves her head back and forth so much, she looks like she's watching tennis. Or maybe she's trying that that less-is-more kind of acting, where when you're talking to the person, you don't actually look at them, but open your eyes when you're not. I mean, when you're not talking to them you're looking away with your eyes open, but when you talk to them you close your eyes. Or something.

A fervent desire to preserve one's good side? Who does this remind me of? Oh yeah, Mariah Carey. If Grande doesn't want to be asked about her once hero (and more recent bearer of shade), she should probably get her own weird neurosis.