Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver aren't officially divorced yet, but that didn't stop the former California governor from crudely smudging her face out of his official portrait.

According to the LA Times, Schwarzenegger commissioned the official portrait in 2003 and requested the artist paint Shriver's face on his lapel button in the painting.

But by 2011—towards the end of Schwarzenegger's second term—the governor had publicly admitted that he had been having an affair with the couple's housekeeper and had fathered an illegitimate child with her.

Rumors abounded about Shriver's own possible affairs, and the pair eventually filed for—but still have not yet finalized—a divorce.

Now the once-romantic gesture is a giant, ugly, mismatched smudge. Just like their relationship.

"Whoever touched it up did not do a very good job," a Capitol tour guide told Page Six at the portrait's unveiling Wednesday night. "It was softball sized, right there on his left lapel."

[images via AP]