When Bryan Lewis Saunders heard from a friend about a "fuck mattress" near his apartment that was in the service of some local prostitutes, he did what any other person who also happens to be a performance artist would do: He decided to give it an extreme makeover.

With the help of his pals Joey Tucciarone and Todd Burris, Saunders, of Johnson City, Tenn., spent some $60 on sheets, pillows, and a duvet to transform the "sex spot" into a "love palace" worthy of a much classier hooker hideout.

Saunders even threw in some condoms and several pairs of clean panties stashed inside a set of plastic drawers he picked up at Walmart.

"The whole time we were putting it together I was thinking, ‘We are cleaning up downtown Johnson City one f**k mattress at a time!'" Saunders told The Daily Dot. "You have to start somewhere."

Unfortunately, that somewhere should probably be elsewhere: About a week later, Saunders returned to find the mattress destroyed and the flowers he planted trampled.

However, some of the panties were still there so it wasn't all bad.

[photos via Bryan Lewis Saunders]