Arizona State University managed to stagger its way back into Playboy's list of the top 10 party schools after being bumped off last year, but is just barely hanging on. Thanks to one particularly festive student, however, ASU is a shoo-in for next year's number 1.

The school's ongoing Halloweek/Halloweekend party has revealed many creative costumes — some more revealing than others.

The popular unofficial Twitter account ASU Confessions has been happy to oblige Sun Devils looking to show off their devilishly sexy outfits, but the exercise was rendered wholly pointless earlier this week after the feed posted a photo of a female student body member attending an ASU Halloween party in the ultimately "sexy" costume: Her birthday suit.

"Not really sure what this girl was thinking when she decided to go as 'Naked Human,'" writes Total Frat Move, "but props to her on having the confidence to pull this off."

Well, liquid confidence is a kind of confidence. Anyway, less this, more this:

[photo credit: @adiggityy]