Like so many trash fires fueled by a mix of paper-thin arguments and Bengay, the race for the Democratic nomination for president is heating up. Online discussions between so-called Bernie Bros and Hillary Bots have thus far been characterized by condescension, profanity, and just generally being insufferable. But perhaps Valentine’s Day could turn the tides...toward love.

That is, at least, our hope—our dream. Bernie Bros: Now’s your chance to woo the Hillary supporter of your dreams. Just print out and deliver these handy valentines to any of the many women you think might be confused (or, let’s not beat around the bush, ignorant) enough to vote for Hil. She’ll get the message!

And if she doesn’t, just wait until Bernie’s president. Then she’ll see. They’ll all see.

H/t to Glenn Greenwald, Ezra Koenig, and Hamilton Nolan.

Valentines designed by Jim Cooke. Photos via Getty and AP.

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