At long last, advertisers are ready to "solve" the "problem" of you rudely ignoring the television ads that they spent so much effort crafting, by looking at your cell phone when the commercials come on.

Ad Age reports that a company called Xaxis (which sounds, appropriately, like an ancient monster) has created a program called Sync that uses data about your demographics, location, and wi-fi use to make an "educated guess" about what TV channel you're watching, and then beams the ads on your TV directly onto your phone at the same time they're on the TV. So that you have nowhere to turn! Seems like a great public service.

"One of the biggest challenges that advertisers have right now, especially when it comes to buying broadcast television, is that up to 50% of people that are watching broadcast television are also engaging with another device," said Xaxis CEO Brian Lesser in an interview with Ad Age. "What we're trying to do with Sync is to solve the problem of users being distracted by their mobile device from the TV."

One thing the story does not make clear is why anyone would allow this horrific product to access their cell phone in the first place. I assume it's some sort of virus?

Arrest Xaxis CEO Brian Lesser ASAP.

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