The city of Baltimore is plagued by poverty and crime. Which is unfortunate, since its jails are plagued by corruption, sex, and contraband.

It's bad enough for a city to have lots of crime or bad jails, but having both at the same time is just demoralizing for everyone. The city's scandal of the moment is a federal indictment that's hit the Baltimore City Detention Center, alleging that the whole place was controlled by gang members, who had a slew of corrections officers working for them. Drugs, cell phones, and sex were all widely available, according to the report. The sexy salacious details, via the AP:

Prosecutors say the man at the center was [Tavon] White, a 36-year-old with a long rap sheet who was being held on an attempted murder charge. He ascended to a gang leadership position — acquiring the title of "Bushman" — soon after arriving several years ago, investigators say. He impregnated four female guards, one twice. Two had his name tattooed on their bodies...

At least some of the jail guards seem to have reveled in their sexual relationships, acquiring money and status as high-level gang associates. Inmates posted graffiti on the wall listing corrections officers they said were willing to trade sex for money.

Mr. Martin sounds like a very charismatic individual! It also sounds like Baltimore's jail guards are not cut out to be criminal masterminds. It also sounds like America's prison-industrial complex is a failure.

[AP. Photo: AP]