A Manhattan banker jumped from the seventh story of his Fifth Avenue apartment Sunday morning, after an argument with his co-op board over his beloved poodles.

Adam Silberman, 47, president of an investment group, had his fall broken by a second-story awning, which softened the impact. He remains in intensive care at Weill Cornell Medical Center where he has “multiple trauma" and several broken bones. Silberman's wife, Monique Ender Silberman, is a successful real estate broker at Town Residential.

Silberman’s father-in-law told the New York Post that the banker had been upset about a long-running battle with the co-op board at his building. “It’s horrible what happened," Silberman's father-in-law said. "I’ve been praying and crying the whole day.” The Silbermans' poodles had received noise complaints from other residents of their posh apartment building. The poodles also reportedly created disturbances in the building's lobby.

The Silbermans were facing considerable financial woes before Adam's jump — the Post reports that they owe $650,000 in state and federal tax liens.

Silberman's wife was seen outside the hospital, muttering to herself about her husband's plunge. “Stupid, stupid," she was reported as saying.