Babs came back to late night TV for the first time since 1967 as Jimmy Fallon's sole guest on the Tonight Show Monday night.

Although Streisand made a brief cameo on Letterman in 1994, her last real appearance was on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show.

Streisand's appearance was part of an uncharacteristic publicity blitz for her upcoming duets album, Partners. With Fallon—passably—filling in for Elvis, Blake Shelton and Michael Buble—she performed a medley of songs before ending the show with a rendition of her 1979 hit, Come Rain or Come Shine.

But maybe the best part of the relatively staid twenty-minute interview was Streisand's entrance—she danced in to the Roots' cover of Barbra Streisand.

[There was a video here]

[h/t The Hollywood Reporter]