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Meet Brandon, a "pro basketball player," who was somehow roped into getting married on the RuPaul's Drag Race stage while wearing female drag (his wife was in a tux), all the while voicing his extreme discomfort with the situation and his teammates' potential responses. And then, during judging, when everyone onstage and sitting on the panel laughed at this discomfort, he left the stage to throw up.

He later explained on Drag Race's behind-the-scenes companion show Untucked that he was hot onstage and standing there made him "dizzy." Ooooh, girl, you got vertigo! Or gay panic. Or a producer in your ear. Or whatever. Brandon eventually came around and said, "Like I can go to a locker room now and I can tell people about this experience and maybe they'll accept gays." Maybe. It's hard to say what'll happen or what's real, even in these very scenes, but man, what an arc.