A pair of teenagers who allegedly tried to pull off a robbery at gunpoint in Charlottesville, Virginia, last week picked the wrong two victims for their mugging. When police arrived at the scene of the attempted robbery last Tuesday night, they found Johnny Calderon Jr. and Gerald Allen bloodied and in the custody of the two unidentified men who they had immediately before been trying to rob. Judging from the condition of Calderon and Allen, their intended victims made it very clear that they were not the kind of people to willingly part with their valuables when faced with the threat of violence.

Early reports said that the men who beat and detained the suspects were University of Virginia students, a claim Calderon's defense attorney now says is false. Charlottesville's local NBC affiliate reports that police continue to advise that victims not take their defense into their own hands in event of a robbery. Of course, that won't stop people from continuing to ignore them.