Don't you hate it when you want to eat your mouth-watering Burger King Whopper, but find that your pesky hands are doing something else entirely?

For loyal BK customers in Puerto Rico, that's no longer an issue — to celebrate its 50th anniversary of serving customer in the U.S. commonwealth, Burger King gave away 50 hands-free Whopper holders to its most loyal fans.

Imagine the possibilities! Well, actually, imagining takes effort. Instead, here's a wonderful video Burger King produced that shows Puerto Ricans playing guitars, giving tattoos, walking dogs, and trimming hedges, all while enjoy the sweet caloric joy of a delicious Whopper. The singer laments that you need hands to work, you need hands to dance, but you also need hands to eat your Whopper. Not anymore, though.

We can only hope that a few of these make it back to the mainland, and replace Google Glass as the de facto cool face-accessory.