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In a recent radio interview, Ben Carson doesn’t say he necessarily thinks Donald Trump should be president, just that the business mogul and reality TV star could be an option. Asked why he endorsed Trump, Carson said:

Nobody believes in the government anymore. Everybody believes that we are weak; we are weak on the world stage; we are not doing things that make sense economically. And he’s probably the person who is most likely to do that. Are there better people? Probably.

Carson went on to say that his main reason for supporting Trump is that he isn’t part of the “political elite,” saying “Well, I think the establishment in the Republican Party is scared out of their wits about the possibility of someone like Donald Trump coming in, who they don’t have control over.”

Carson and Trump’s relationship recently came under scrutiny after a watchdog group filed a complaint with the Justice Department accusing Donald Trump of engaging in an illegal quid quo pro with the former presidential candidate.