A 20-year-old Delta Upsilon brother at UC-Berkeley was charged with rape by use of drugs this week following a horrific weekend during which three separate sexual assaults were reported at fraternities. No one has been charged in connection to the other two assaults.

According to the Alameda County District Attorney, DU brother Eugene Quillin (left) "did unlawfully have and accomplish an act of sexual intercourse with a person … where said person was prevented by resisting by an intoxicating, anesthetic, and controlled substance." He'll enter a plea today.

Some students aren't surprised.

Cal junior Megan Warner, who co-chairs Greeks Against Sexual Assault on campus, told The Daily Californian, "This unfortunately happens every weekend. I just don't want DU to be demonized, because this is an issue in so many frats."

The other two fraternities where sexual assaults allegedly took place the weekend of September 27 haven't been named. That weekend was, coincidentally, the same one where California Governor Jerry Brown signed the "Yes Means Yes" bill, requiring college students to get "affirmative, conscious and voluntary agreement" to sex.

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