Justin Bieber, transitioning into manhood before your very eyes on Comedy Central this month, won't be allowed to put his juvenile hooligan past behind him just yet. The former neighbor whose house Bieber famously egged is now suing him for an assault that allegedly took place two years ago.

Jeffery Schwartz, who was Bieber's neighbor in a gated community in Calabasas before the Bieb moved into a $59,000-a-month Beverly Hills rental last year, "claims Bieber spit on him during a dispute over the singer's fast driving in their neighborhood. The lawsuit cites damage to the Schwartzes' home caused after Bieber threw eggs at it last year," Access Hollywood reports.

Bieber has admitted to the egging, and already paid the Schwartzes $80,000 in restitution. The spitting claim is new, though, and so is a claim that Bieber's bodyguards bullied Schwartz with anti-semitic insults, calling him "little Jew boy."

Schwartz's case for emotional distress also mentions Bieber's alleged fast driving and weed-smoking, and an incident where, Schwartz claims, Bieber cursed out Schwartz's wife and daughter.

The lawsuit sounds like weak tea, but it's only seeking $25,000 in damages, which feels like it would cost Bieber a lot less than if he fought it in court and had to drag up bad behavior from his past. He has rules, you know? Only comedians who hate him get to talk about that shit.

[Photo: AP Images]