Tall socialist and New York City mayor "Bill" de Blasio is in the process of moving from his "regular guy" Brooklyn home into the "fancy guy" mayoral residence. He left some free crap on the curb, just like you did when you moved.

DNAinfo has what is, not to be bashful, the single hottest news story of the day in America's largest metropolis: Bill de Blasio just leavin a bunch of old crap out front cause he's moving acting like he doesn't even need to properly put that shit out on the right garbage day and shit cause he put a sign on it that says "FREE" as if that makes it all okay, even though nobody even want that dirty old shit, take it from me cause I tried that shit with a busted old Ikea table one time and that shit just sat out there like it had bedbugs even though it didn't, lol.

Among the items reportedly left for "FREE" outside of Bill de Blasio's home:

-A Christmas tree stand

-A crappy old bookshelf

-Some candles

-"plastic bins — one of which was marked 'fabric.'"

Regular old unwanted crap, or all the makings of an anti-Christian Pagan bonfire ceremony? Either way, you still gotta put your garbage out on the right day De Blasio, I got a ticket for that shit before.

[Photo: AP]