Bill Gross is the billionaire head of the enormous bond fund Pimco and one of the most influential men in finance. But Bill Gross's 25-year-old son, Nick, is pure 100% rocking and rolling.

Like most of us, you are probably a big fan of the lite rock sounds of the band Open Air Stereo. But did you know that the Nick Gross in Open Air Stereo is the same Nick Gross who is the scion of Bill Gross, "The Bond King?" Okay... if you were a true Open Air Stereo fan u would know that. ICU guys. For the rest of you (poser fans) though, Bloomberg today goes behind the scenes with Nick Gross, who has overcome his childhood as the son of a financial titan in order to become a bit of a mini-mogul of his own, in terms of Music That Sounds Like It Would And in Fact Has Appeared in the Television Show 'Laguna Beach.'

"In music too, as it is in the stock or bond world, you have to kind of, in the production world, be ahead of the curve," is one quote that Nick Gross says regarding his music company that includes "a full service experiential marketing firm," which is certainly an ahead-of-the-curve way to look at the concept of "music."

Nick Gross also discusses his own investment portfolio in fields like Big Data.

Though their sounds may vary, the world can never have too many celebrity children making music for us.