Anthony Kiedis was entering the Four Seasons in Philly last week when a bodyguard mistook him for a fan trying to sneak into the hotel to see the Rolling Stones and put him in chokehold.

Footage captured by paparazzi stationed outside shows Kiedis and a female companion approaching the hotel, where he was staying at the time, before being abruptly turned away by the bodyguard.

After some back and forth, Kiedis can be seen shoving the man, triggering an all-out brawl.

Kiedis's identity was eventually confirmed (mostly by shouting paps), and he was allowed to go on his way.

The hotel released a statement saying the guards involved in the incident "are not employees of Four Seasons, nor were they hired by the Hotel for any reason."

According to TMZ, the guard is not officially a Rolling Stones employee either, but may have been hired by the Stones' security detail to beef up protection in Philly.

Either way, Kiedis is apparently over the whole thing, issuing his own statement saying, simply, "I love the Rolling Stones."

The Chili Peppers were the headlining act at the Firefly Music Festival in Dover over the weekend, but apparently went unrecognized there as well.

[screengrab via TMZ]