Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl will fly to the U.S. tomorrow. According to defense officials, the former Taliban POW will go to Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio, Tx. to do Phase 3 of his "reintegration process."

According to NBC News (and unfortunately for the Palins), Bergdahl still won't be making any public appearances when he returns to the states. Officials said this week that he was physically ready to make the trip home but not "psychologically or emotionally." Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel made the same point in a hearing yesterday: "This isn't just about a physical situation. This guy was held for almost five years in God knows what kind of conditions. ... This is not just about can he get on his feet and walk and get to a plane."

Bergdahl's homecoming will be met with controversy, obviously, amid allegations that he was a deserter with pro-Taliban tendencies (or perhaps just Randian ones).

[Image via AP]