British Parliament voted today in favor in joining the American-led air campaign against ISIS targets in Iraq. Military action was approved by a 524 to 43 vote after seven hours of debate. Prime Minister David Cameron said he recalled Parliament Friday in the hopes of the matter going to a vote. "This is not the stuff of fantasy—it is happening in front of us and we need to face up to it," Cameron said.

According to the BBC, some MPs expressed "great anxiety" about the scope of the UK's involvement in the campaign, and when it might end. Cameron said that the fight against ISIS would take "not months but years," and that "the hallmarks of this campaign will be patience and persistence—not shock and awe."

The UK's vote to launch their own airstrikes against ISIS comes as the U.S. has seriously stepped up their attacks in both Iraq and Syria.

[Image of David Cameron at a UN Security Council Meeting via AP]