You gotta fight for your right to party!

A Brooklyn City Council member is trying to propose legislation that would require anyone trying to have a no-sleep-til-Brooklyn rager with more than 40 people notify police and their community board at least three days in advance.

Council member Jumaane Williams also wants to create fines for "house clubs," where homeowners advertise on social media, and charge cover at the door and for drinks.

Williams announced his plans at a press conference earlier this week, saying that the proposed regulations were in response to a recent shooting. A man, apparently denied entry to a party in East Brooklyn, opened fire on about 60 guests, hitting at least eight.

“All we said is we have to inform the precinct and inform the community aboard. You wouldn’t have to ask for approval. You wouldn’t have to ask for permission,” Williams said.

Gothamist reports that NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly had no comment on the proposal, but told reporters that the NYPD does monitor some of the large parties, which have topped more than 200 people in East Flatbush.

In somewhat related news, it appears that several Brooklyn City Council members are in some pretty serious debt — Williams and two other members apparently owe a few hundred thousand dollars each.