You probably never shopped at Caché, a clothing store chain that catered to the prom set, because if you did they wouldn’t be going out of business right now. The company’s hundreds of locations are all shutting down, and all its employees have to show for it is this shitty letter.

According to a Gawker tipster who appears to be a Caché employee, the following memo from CEO Jay Margolis was recently sent out to every single staffer: “the maintenance people, the sales people is [sic] Iowa...everyone.” They added that the company was “driven into the ground” by Margolis, who somehow thought this hopeful letter would make anyone feel better about anything. The tipster continued:

Any vacation time [employees] had accrued they didn’t get paid for...It’s not so much Jay fucking over all these people with his incompetent running of the company but it’s this letter he emailed to all...The entire letter is about him...What a pompous prick to fuck over “thousands of people that make up CACHE” and then write this letter essentially saying “don’t worry I’ll be ok.” Self absorbed narcissistic prick.

You can read Margolis’s letter here:

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