Charles Ramsey, whose quick thinking helped save three missing women from their abductors on Monday, and whose appealing TV presence made him an internet celebrity on Tuesday, was revealed on Wednesday to have a history of domestic abuse.

The Smoking Gun published Ramsey's rap sheet on Wednesday afternoon, and while he hasn't been arrested since 2003, he was convicted three times on domestic violence charges against his wife, Rochelle:

After pleading guilty to the [2003 and most recent] felony abuse charge, Ramsey was sentenced to eight months in prison and ordered, following his release from custody, to be placed on “post release control” supervision for the maximum term allowable by Ohio law.

Ramsey served his time at the Lorain Correctional Institution, where he posed for the above 2003 mug shot. He had previously done two separate one-year stretches at Lorain, for early-90s convictions for drug abuse, criminal trespassing, and receiving stolen property.

Rochelle told the Smoking Gun that Ramsey had apologized, and the pair is on an "okay basis," but he never paid the mandated child support—a delinquency over which his driving privileges have been suspended.