Since Thursday, Chris Brown has been on a never-ending cross-country tour of American jail cells, racking up miles on the notorious, prisoner-preferred "Con Air" flight.

Brown, who has been in jail in LA since March 17, was handcuffed Wednesday and transported to a federal holding facility in San Bernardino. He's due in Washington, DC on Monday to face possible felony charges for allegedly punching a man in the face in October.

The Con Air flight—a federally-funded Rihanna 777, if you will—flies handcuffed and shackled prisoners across the country on short flights that hopscotch from prison to prison.

It's not clear where Brown's involuntary US tour is taking him beyond an Oklahoma stop, but according to TMZ, he still hasn't arrived in DC and might not make his Monday court date. U.S. Marshals Service spokeswoman Laura Vega told CNN the trip could take as long as two weeks.

[image via AP]