Arwa Damon, a CNN reporter who's currently being sued for allegedly biting two medics in a drunken rage, apologized for the incident recently via email. The email, obtained by Page Six, begins like so many sorry-I-was-drunk-and-don't-remember-anything notes. "Hey," she writes. Hey.

Damon, who allegedly bit EMTs Tracy Lamar and Charles Simons while they were trying to treat her at the embassy in Baghdad last month, continues her apology email to embassy staff by covering all her bases: "Can you please forward this on to everyone who was involved in helping me out and subjected to my disastrous behavior?"

According to Lamar and Simons's $2 million suit, Damon threatened the two of them in the midst of her biting, claiming she was a "major reporter for CNN." The suit also alleges that CNN knew about Damon's tendency to go on drunken biting sprees when they hired her. According to Page Six, the State Department wrote up a report about the incident and sent it to CNN.

In her email, Damon says the incident was totally a one-time thing, and makes a bunch of classic excuses: "It's been an extremely stressful time, I was exhausted, I had not had proper food all day and clearly miscalculated how my body would calculate the alcohol consumed. I thought I was fine, and then suddenly, clearly, I wasn't."

As of yesterday, CNN was claiming not to know about the lawsuit.

[Image via CNN]