This week in Comcast Simply Doesn't Give a Fuck About You: A Tennessee man says the cable giant—ironic motto: "Comcast cares"—slapped him with a $3,000 bill because he moved to an area it doesn't serve.

Adrain Fraim, a self-employed artist and web designer who used Comcast's business-class Internet in his Antioch, Tenn., home office, arranged to have his service transferred when he moved to nearby Clarksville.

But he told local news station WSMV that after his move, Comcast never showed up. And when he called, he learned the company doesn't actually serve his new location.

You may recognize "moving to an area Comcast doesn't serve" as one of Comcast's valid reasons for cancelling your home service. It's so common that people share non-Comcast zip codes online as a "lifehack" to help customers through the sometimes-arduous cancellation process.

In Fraim's case, though, that apparently wasn't good enough. He was locked into a 3-year contract for business service, the fine print of which included a massive early termination fee. Despite his protests that he never intended to cancel his service, he was billed $2,789.

"I wanted to keep their service," Fraim said, "I feel like I was being punished because they don't offer the service here."

The company has the ability to waive the fee for customers with "extenuating circumstances," including moving out-of-area, but they didn't tell Fraim that until he got WSMV involved.

As we've seen in the past, questionable charges that Comcast can't resolve sometimes magically disappear in the face of bad publicity.

[h/t Daily Dot, Photo: WSMV]