There’s good news and bad news in Comcast’s alleged mission to improve its worst-in-America customer service. Good: You might actually get a refund after they bill you for equipment you’ve already returned. Bad: You’ll have to sign an agreement never to tell anyone that Comcast overcharged you in the first place.

One Philadelphia woman says she was offered a $600 refund after Comcast charged her for five years for a cable box she’d actually returned. But, in a recording she played for ABC 6, a Comcast rep revealed the catch:

“We will issue a $600 even credit,” says the person in the recording, “pending that you sign a non-disclosure agreement.”

Obviously, the customer didn’t sign it.

Other subscribers in Philly—where Comcast is in the process of building an upgraded 1.2 billion 59-story skyscraper headquarters with a hotel on top, and has a very, very favorable franchise contract with the city that’s currently up for renewal—said they got their refunds without a problem, but that was after the local news got involved.

“The Action News Troubleshooters get more complaints about Comcast than any other company,” ABC 6 says, to the surprise of absolutely no one.

Comcast points out that it’s going to introduce digital receipts for returns, so customers can actually prove they’ve brought their equipment back—a sensible idea that it’s totally crazy they hadn’t already implemented.

[h/t Consumerist]