For anyone who saw and didn't find charm in John Turturro's insane vanity project, Fading Gigolo, Conan O'Brien's interview with Sharon Stone on last night's Conan was a welcome helping of catharsis. For those who haven't seen the movie, Turturro wrote, directed, and cast himself in the role of a man that piles of gorgeous women pay for sex for no apparent reason other than his sensitivity (his character, Fioravante, apparently doesn't even have a big dick, which would also be a vanity move, but at least shade in the character's appeal more than "...because he's him").

Conan gracefully ticked off the movie's most outstanding problems—namely, that it's absurd that beautiful women like Stone and her co-star Sofia Vergara would ever have to pay for sex (let alone from a 57-year-old man who...looks like John Turturro), and that the threesome scene is a clear sign of the vanity behind the project. Regarding the point about beautiful women paying for sex, Stone seems to think that 50 Shades of Grey opened up the market. Regarding the vanity...well, Stone couldn't refute that.

She assured O'Brien, though, that Fading Gigolo is a "nice movie."

O'Brien also briefly touched on another huge problem with the film: that Woody Allen plays a pimp. He did that vaguely, noting how unlikely it is, but not mentioning that there's a decently large segment of the population that couldn't stomach watching Woody Allen play a pimp at this point.