A Texas cop is facing charges after he allegedly shot a female driver in a road rage incident earlier this month.

Kenneth Caplan, a reserve deputy constable with Harris County Precinct 6, was arrested Wednesday on aggravated assault charges. Prosecutors say he almost killed a woman during a road rage incident on Nov. 11.

The unidentified 20-year-old woman told the Houston Chronicle she was driving down the 610 South Loop on Nov. 11 when a driver cut her off. She told reporters she honked at him and then tried to get around him—at which point he allegedly rolled down his window and started firing a gun at her.

The other driver, now identified as Caplan, drove alongside her, rolled his window down, pointed his weapon and opened fire, investigators said.

"I just started crying because I knew I was going to die," said the victim. "I wanted to call my mom to tell her I love you."

Caplan and his female passenger then fled the scene.

Investigators said the female passenger leaned back in her seat while Caplan shot out the window.

"He was aiming at me and I thought he was going to cuss me out. It didn't register that I was, you know, going to get shot," said the victim. "The blood was in between my nails, just crazy blood, and all over my cellphone, just covered."

"All of a sudden I'm driving, and this guy cuts me off. He was about to hit me. I switched to the other lane, I got in front of him and I cut him off. I guess that pissed him off. He went like that and he just fired at me. And then all of sudden I heard a ring in my ear," the woman told KHOU.

The bullet reportedly grazed the woman's head but didn't cause serious injuries.

"I was like 'Oh my God, he just shot me.' I was applying pressure to my head because it wouldn't stop bleeding. I'm going to die in my car on 610," said the victim.

"I feel like I got a taste of death, honestly," she told Click2Houston. "My heart was slowing down and I couldn't really breathe."

The woman told reporters she was able to pull over and call 911.

She was later hospitalized for three days with "non life-threatening injuries." Caplan, who reportedly fled the scene, was arrested and charged with aggravated assault this week.

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