An off-duty Texas police officer reportedly shot a man several times after their plan to swap sexual partners went horribly awry.

According to the Olmos Park Police Department, officer Frankie Salazar, 29, and his friend Jesus Edward Guitron, 33, had spent months putting their plan into motion.

Though identified as a "wife swap" by the local press, it's unclear if the women who attended the swapping party were in fact married to Salazar and Guitron.

One of the women involved in the incident told police she and Guitron arrived at Salazar's San Antonio home last Saturday, and, after a few drinks, she and Salazar went into the bedroom and started making out.

But the unidentified 29-year-old soon backed out, telling police something "didn't feel right."

It was then that Salazar's partner, also 29, marched in and started complaining about not being informed in advance of his intentions.

The argument escalated, and Guitron's partner tried to convince him to flee. Salazar then confronted Guitron, and a brawl broke out.

Salazar's partner told police he had ordered her to grab his .45-caliber Springfield XDS pistol, but when she returned to the room she found Salazar in a choke hold.

The woman initially claimed she fired a warning shot toward Guitron which may have struck him, but later changed her story, telling police she may not have fired the gun at all.

Guitron and his partner again tried to leave, but Salazar took hold of the gun and reportedly fired three shots at his friend.

Guitron sustained chest and hand wounds, and was transported to San Antonio Military Medical Center in critical but stable condition.

Salazar was subsequently booked on a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, but was later released on his own recognizance after posting $50,000 bail.

"We have an officer that made a mistake, made a bad judgement," Olmos Park Police Chief Fritz Bohne told News 4 San Antonio. "And as I tried to tell kids that want to get into law enforcement, be careful about your decisions cause decisions have long-term consequences."

Salazar has been suspended from the department without pay ahead of his first court appearance in January.

[screengrab via News 4]