Prosecutors say rapper Bobby Shmurda is facing an additional seven years in prison after his girlfriend allegedly tried to smuggle a knife to him at Riker’s Island, where he’s been in jail for around seven months in lieu of a $2 million bail.

Shmurda was arrested in December on conspiracy and gun charges linked to GS9, the violent Brooklyn gang of which he was allegedly a member. All in all Shmurda (real name: Ackquille Pollard) and 13 other men have been charged with more than 100 crimes related to gang violence, drugs and murder.

He was already facing 25 years on those charges when Rikers guards allegedly caught his 18-year-old girlfriend pulling a sharp object out of her bra during visiting hours. Via the Guardian:

Prison guards allegedly caught his 18-year-old girlfriend Kimberly Rousseau pulling a “sharp metal object” from her bra to hand to Shmurda during a visit last month. Prosecutors say he then lied about the incident during a grand jury hearing. Rousseau had also pleaded not guilty to promoting prison contraband.

Shmurda—who was unable to convince his label, Epic Records, to pay his $2 million bail—also tried unsuccessfully to raise his bond independently in February. And without financial assistance, he won’t be getting out anytime soon: he’s not even scheduled to appear back in court until October.

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