The world reached peak hot-car hysteria this week when Hoboken, New Jersey cops shattered a car window to rescue Todd, the not-even-particularly-lifelike baby doll trapped inside.

Kitty Miseles, the car's owner, said her two-year-old granddaughter left the cloth-wrapped, human-shaped hunk of plastic in the car's backseat. Police arrived at the vehicle after Miseles' brother parked it and a passerby called 911 about an infant in danger.

"When he came out, there were the cops and the ambulance and they broke the window thinking that there was a baby in there, but it wasn't a baby, it was a doll," Miseles told ABC, summing the situation up nicely.

Thomas Molta, head of Hoboken's Volunteer Ambulance Corp, defended the break-in, citing stuff like "the difference between a baby breathing [and] not breathing." Whatever you say, Molta:

"Seconds are paramount there, that's the difference between a baby breathing, not breathing, pulse, no pulse," Molta said.

Todd is back home and Kitty is making a claim to repair the window.

"You can replace a window, but you can't replace a life," Molta said.

You can't replace a human life, but you can replace a baby doll.

[Image via ABC]