Last we heard from escaped murders Richard Matt and David Sweat they were leaving their underwear and bloody socks in an upstate New York cabin. Now comes news that they’re probably heavy armed and possibly injured…with a blister.

“Let’s face it, a bloody sock could mean somebody had a blister,” New York State Police Maj. Charles E. Guess of the said at a press conference today, according to the New York Times. “Or it could mean a lot worse. I am hoping for the best.”

“Best” like only a blister or “best” like something more serious that might slow them down? Probably the latter but hard to say for sure—maybe Guess is too compassionate.

As for the possible weapons the murderers may possess, Guess said most cabins in the area near Owls Head, N.Y., where one of the inmate’s socks and underwear was discovered on Monday, are stocked with guns this time of year. From the Times:

“They put an inordinate amount of weapons and ammunition and other tools in these shared seasonal hunting camps and cabins,” he said, adding that an investigation showed that the people who used the camp did not keep an inventory of their firearms. “They can’t tell us what is missing and what is not,” he said.

The search, Guess said, is now focused in Franklin County, where earlier today law enforcement agents swept through more than 75-square miles.

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