A Colorado man faces charges of felony menacing after police say he pointed a banana at officers, causing them to believe they were in "imminent danger" from "a deadly weapon," the NY Daily News reports.

On Sunday, 27-year-old Nathan Channing of (no joke) Fruitvale, Colorado was arrested by one (no joke) Deputy Bunch for the stunt, which was reportedly for a comedy video, but police say was no joke.

From the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel:

"I immediately ducked in my patrol car and accelerated continuing northbound, fearing that it was a weapon," Bunch wrote in the affidavit, which lists [fellow deputy Donald] Love and him as victims. "Based on training and experience, I have seen handguns in many shapes and colors and perceived this to be a handgun."

According to Bunch, "Deputy Love stated that he was in fear of his life at this point and was in the process of pulling out his handgun when Nathan yelled, 'It's a banana!'"

Asked to explain his actions, Channing allegedly told the deputies he did it for a YouTube video, thinking it would "lighten the holiday spirit."

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