Former corrections officer Rick Ross is back in jail after allegedly fighting an employee who was working on his Georgia home.

Ross was arrested overnight in Fayette County, GA on outstanding warrants for aggravated assault, WSB-TV reports:

According to sources, Ross was having work done on the property he bought in Fayette County. Ross allegedly got into a fight with one of the workers and pistol-whipped him.

Ross’ bodyguard was also arrested.

Both men are charged with kidnapping, aggravated assault and aggravated battery.

TMZ reports the alleged assault occurred around two weeks ago. It’s also the second time this month the cocaine-and-pears aficionado has been arrested in Georgia—he was picked up on in the same county on a misdemeanor marijuana charge when cops pulled his Bentley over on June 10.

Ross and his bodyguard are reportedly still in jail awaiting a bond hearing.

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