A group of likely-former police officers caused an international incident earlier this month when they mistook the King of Morocco for a common smuggler and attempted to storm his boat.

According to the Local, King Mohammed became one of the only people to successfully challenge an officer by asking, "Do you know who I am?" during an August 9 vacation off the coast of Ceuta, a Spanish enclave in North Africa.

Mohammed was reportedly with his entourage on a speedboat-and-jet-ski flotilla when the doomed officers from the Spanish Civil Guard motored out to investigate. (According to the Local, smugglers in the region routinely use jet skis and speedboats to move humans and drugs from Morocco to Spain.)

Reports the Telegraph:

Officers approached two speed boats and three jetskis being used by the Royal party to inquire about the identities and destination of those on board.

According to Spanish daily newspaper El Mundo, the infuriated Moroccan monarch shouted: "Do you know who I am?" When Civil Guard officers replied "No", the monarch removed his cap and sunglasses and was instantly recognised.

King Mohammed immediately called up King Felipe VI of Spain to complain.

Mohammed reportedly told representatives of the Spanish monarchy that he understood the officers were "only doing their job," but complained that they "did not show me respect."

[image via AP]