Photo: AP

Over the past few months, much reporting has come out about Corey Lewandowski, Donald Trump’s combative campaign manager. Turns out, he was an asshole long before he started working for Trump.

Lewandowski’s origin story has always been a bit muddled. But according to Steve Eder and Jess Bidgood at the New York Times, Lewandowski has an interesting relationship with the suburb of Windham, N.H., where he continues to maintain a residence.

Eder and Bidgood recount the goings-on of a man rather like New England’s answer to Sherlock Holmes, if Sherlock Holmes was a giant shithead who antagonized his neighbors and couldn’t even play the violin.

Upon discovering that Windham’s local selectman and prosecutor Ross McLeod sometimes used his office email to coordinate an annual fantasy football league with friends, Lewandowski took it upon himself to report McLeod’s “gambling ring” to the head prosecutor. McLeod wasn’t convicted, but he was eventually fired thanks to the allegations.

Lewandowski also doxed a bunch of people in the town over a $5,409 bill he wanted the town to send to Obama’s re-election campaign to cover the cost of the president’s visit to the town. To prove a point, probably, Lewandowski proceeded to read aloud the tax bills of several families in attendance to see if any of their expenses were comparable, shrugging off dissenters by insisting that he was speaking in a public forum.

A telling portrait of a man determined to demand justice wherever he sees fit, no matter how loudly his peers might protest.