An upstate New York couple who sued their neighbor and complained about him to a District Attorney ended up arrested for stalking after they filmed a veritable "reality show" of evidence against him.

Paul Sohacki and Katherine Gannon's feud with their neighbor, Gene Ellis, started when Ellis built a driveway that they said encroached on a small piece of their land. They sued their neighbor, reaching a settlement that forced him to move the driveway.

But that apparently wasn't good enough for the couple. They went on ABC's 20/20, where this delightful snippet was revealed:

The couple said that they had to film Ellis to document what they say was trespassing and menacing behavior. Soon cameras covered their property, and they supplemented their security cameras with cameras in their cars and wore body cameras everywhere they went.

"It was a reality show," Sohacki said.

When they brought their insane home video collection to Otsego County DA John Muehl, he agreed that they had gathered some very strong evidence. In a case against themselves. For stalking.

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"It showed them actually committing a crime against him," Muehl told 20/20.

The stalking charges were eventually dropped, but the D.A. believes the weird couple were obsessed with their neighbor, who eventually moved to get away from them.

Now the friendly couple and their friendly CCTV system are also moving, leaving behind the property they so vigorously defended against a "bully."

A classic American tale.

[h/t and image via ABC News]