You don't have to know or care about poker to empathize with the victim of the nightmare that occurred live on ESPN last night. Both of these guys put up $1 million to buy into a World Series of Poker tournament, and both of them were holding pocket aces, the strongest possible hand.

With the pot sure to be split, College Loan Corporation founder Cary Katz—let's cast him as the bad guy on principle—was ahead in chips and raised to $2 million.

"Save your money, kid. You can't win every pot," Katz heckled.

But Connor Drinan didn't. He went all-in, bringing the pot to $10 million, pre-flop.

With our hero eliminated on the roughly 2% chance that he loses, but splitting that $10 million in chips otherwise, there's no doubt he made the right play. So you can probably guess what happened next.

Drinan died a slow, televised death as the student loan tycoon drew to an unlikely flush, setting up "the worst beat in the history of tournament poker."

There went that million-dollar entry fee, along with Drinan's chances to take home the $15 million top prize. He was eliminated in 18th place, earning him nothing but the world's greatest bad beat story.

Katz eventually finished 8th, for a payout of $1.3 million.

[H/T Guyism]