Dakota Fanning, 22nd great-granddaughter of King Edward III, attended the Knicks-Heat game with her non-royal American father, Steven, last night:

Steven Fanning. I wonder what it's like to have a dad who looks like the lovechild of Owen Wilson when he was hot and Robert Redford when he was hot? Does Steven Fanning know he is hot? Does Dakota know? Why hasn't anyone talked about this?

According to the Dakota and Elle Fanning fan website fanningworld.com/fanningfamily, Steven Fanning is 47 years old. Plastic surgery experts at Gawker theorize that he's been the victim of "too many rich-dad chemical peels," giving his face a "busted and frozen" look. Besides his nearly non-existent Anna Kendrick mouth, I think he looks pretty good. He reminds me of my first boyfriend, who was very stupid but nice and always in a good mood, and drove a tiny white Toyota Corolla like it was a motorcycle.

Steven Fanning is an electronics salesman. What does Steven Fanning think about?