The Daily Mail reports a delightful Royal Guardsman will likely be punished for daring to dance through a recent Buckingham Palace shift.

The guard was videoed by tourists last month performing his personal Billy Elliot sequel outside the palace while the Queen was out of town. While executing the required 15-paces march, he began executing pirouettes and precise dance moves reminiscent of a street corner robot.

According to UPI, the guards' rules only specifically prohibit eating, sleeping, smoking, standing easy, sitting and lying down, but say nothing of prancing and spinning, which would seem like a strong case for Ser Dance-a-lot. But a "source" tells the Mail, "He is there to guard Buckingham Palace not provide horseplay for tourists." It's highly unlikely the Queen will have him killed for his impertinence, but he may be confined to the barracks (!!!) or docked pay.