Pop quiz: should you feed the bears? You should not.

An old woman in Montana will presumably do a lot better on this quiz if she manages to survive what has been described as a “severe” attack by a bear inside her home on Sunday. What prompted this close encounter, you ask? The bear had been “extensively fed” bird feed and “other food” by the woman, at the home. Bears do not make good houseguests! Do not feed the bears!

The bear’s point of entry into the home is undetermined, probably because grandma rolled out the red carpet for feeding time. After enjoying a free snack and savaging his host, the rude bear exited via a window and vanished into the wilderness, which is the only place bears should be because they are wild animals who have no business visiting the homes of the elderly for regular meals. So far, attempts to trap the dark-hearted beast have been unsuccessful.

Do not feed the bears, guys.


Photo via Shutterstock