Anthony Nicolas Orban already killed himself in jail, but the justice system isn't done with the evil California cop who abducted a diner waitress at gunpoint and raped her behind a storage shed in a seedy Inland Empire town.

Orban was a police detective in the Orange County sprawl town of Westminster. But on the night of April 3, 2010, he was out boozing and "stalking cute girls" in an Ontario mall diner with his prison guard buddy, Jeff Thomas Jelinek.

They followed a waitress out to her car, and Jelinek laughed while Orban pulled a gun on the 25-year-old and hopped in, forcing her to drive to a desolate stretch of Base Line Road. That's where Orban made her pull over and began the hour-plus vicious nightmare of rape, sodomy, forced oral sex and savage beatings in the back seat next to her child's car seat.

He couldn't keep his erection and resorted to punching her in the face and jamming his gun in her mouth. Then he took pictures on his phone and sent them to Jelinek, who is now serving five years in the very prison system where he used to be a guard.

Orban was found guilty despite his lawyer's attempt at a "Zoloft Defense," because the former Marine had been on the antidepressant for a while and absurdly claimed he had no memory of his daylong drinking session with his prison guard roommate and the brutal rape that followed. Orban texted details of the kidnapping and rape to his prison-guard roommate during the 72-minute assault.

When Orban tired of this, he threatened to kill his victim in the desert but instead called Jelinek for a ride home. Orban then reported his police department service revolver missing. It was still in the victim's car.

Last October, before sentencing and just before Halloween, Orban hanged himself in jail.

"I can't comprehend how you can go ahead and sentence someone who is dead," Orban's attorney, James Blatt, said in court last week.

Judge Shahla S. Shabet answered that the case needs to be resolved with either dismissal or sentencing. And the victim, now 27, would very much like to see the monster sentenced.

It has yet to be decided if the evil cop will be dug up and brought to the courtroom to hear his prison sentence, but California penal system overcrowding will likely make the imprisonment of Orban's corpse unlikely.

[Photo via Ontario Police Department.]