If a bike thief didn't know he'd slipped up when he snatched Aaron Rush's new mountain bike, he's certainly aware of it now. Rush posted a "Dear Douchebag Bike Thief" letter all over the racks where the theft occurred, and it's since spread across Twitter and a number of U.K. news sites.

In the letter, Rush warned the d-bag that not only was his face caught on CCTV at a Hertfordshire, England train station, but Rush—a victim of previous bike thefts—had equipped his ride with a GPS unit.

"Unfortunately for you, I know where you live," Rush wrote, offering not to involve the cops if his bike is returned by the end of the week.

Rush, a "poor student with no money, but a working printer," told the Daily Mail his tracker showed the bike was still in Kings Langley, where it was taken. The tracer seems to have been disabled since then, but there's still the last known address and that CCTV footage hanging over the thief's head.

Rush initially tweeted he thought his insurance would cover the bike, but he told the Mail he's now found it won't, so he's left either turning matters over to the police or hoping the thief's douche heart grows enough sizes to give the bike back.

[H/T The Independent]