A two-year-old girl who took a terrifying tumble out of a fifth-story window after her parents left her home alone was saved from certain doom by a group of delivery men.

The incident, which took place yesterday in China's Zhejiang Province, was captured by a nearby surveillance camera.

In the footage, five men can be seen congregating beneath an apartment building, preparing to catch little Qiqi.

The men, who work next door, heard the girl's cries, and rushed out to find her crawling precariously on the windowsill.

She eventually lost her balance, but luckily the men were in place to break her fall.

One of the rescuers injured his arm while another hurt his neck, but Qiqi managed to escape the harrowing fall relatively unscathed save for a few cuts and bruises.

Interviewed by the authorities, the girl's parents said Qiqi was asleep when they left her home alone, but must have woken up before they returned.

[image via Sina.com.cn]