In a lawsuit filed Friday in California, a dental technician who had been assisting in treatment of an abscess in Charlie Sheen's mouth alleged that the buckwild addict actor sexually assaulted her, threatened the dentist with a knife, and flung spit all over the walls of the room. The dentist working on Sheen has denied the accusations.

The dental technician, Margarita Palestino, alleged in the suit that Sheen ripped off his nitrous oxide mask and yelled "I'm going to fucking kill you!" to everyone in the room.

Via People:

When Bogen asked her to replace the mask, Sheen responded by grabbing Palestino's "left breast area" and then "grabbed her bra strap, and forcefully pulled it down in an attempt to open or remove her bra," according to the papers obtained by PEOPLE. She fled from the examination room when she was able to break free of Sheen, she claims.

According to the documents, Palestino was then given $500 by Sheen's bodyguard and personal assistant, who said "This is for your troubles." The dentist told Palestino that Sheen was high on "a combination of crack cocaine, Theradol and alcohol" while being treated for his abscess.

Sheen has claimed that Palestino's story is a lie and that he flung dental equipment around the room because of a bad reaction to the nitrous oxide and pain meds.

[Image via AP]