Singer/songwriter/lamb herder/wearer of the dress above Mariah Carey reportedly caused chaos earlier this week when she showed up four hours late to the taping of Tuesday's World Music Awards in Monaco. At least, that's according to the UK's Mirror:

What kind of chaos was it? Was it glitter-explosion chaos or puppies-everywhere chaos? Was it emotional chaos, like the kind you find in songs? Does the dress that she wore to accept the Pop Icon Award count as chaos itself?

The Mirror was mum on details. Said the story's source:

The whole event has been delayed. It's not great.

Damn, that sounds like some underwhelming chaos.

Unrelated, or maybe not at all, the show was supposed to air last night, but was pulled off of NBC's slate just hours in advance due to "technical issues."

The ceremony was taped as planned, including an opening performance by Carey of "Meteorite" (a house track from her Me. I Am Mariah...The Elusive Chanteuse album), but could her lateness and more importantly chaos been the cause of the technical issues? Perhaps Carey's tardiness created a delay in editing the show that had to be turned around for broadcast in less than 24 hours?

In addition to the broadcast being canceled, so was a live stream of the red carpet that was supposed to host.

A canceled broadcast and red carpet live stream? Damn, that's some powerful chaos Carey's got there.

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