When 19-year-old Juanye Jones visited a Daytona Beach hospital Wednesday night, his chief concern was his nagging headache. Doctors ended up finding something a bit more serious, however: a fragmented bullet lodged in his head.

Jones was apparently one of three bystanders hit during a shooting at Bethune-Cookman University Monday night. Reportedly thinking he had just been grazed in the shooting, the teen didn't seek treatment until days later.

"I thought he was in there for something minor and then the police showed up," a witness at the hospital told The Palm Beach Post, "I hear he has a bullet in his head. He had a headache and now he has a bullet in his head."

After discovering the fragments via X-ray, doctors advised Jones to seek further treatment, but according to the Orlando Sentinel, "it's not clear if he ever did."

[Image via Shutterstock//h/t Uproxx]