Image: AP

After Trump gave a half-joking sort of non-answer to Bernie Sanders’ request to debate during Jimmy Kimmel Live earlier this week, Trump has finally clarified his answer that “if [Bernie] paid a nice sum for a charity, I would love to [debate]!” The clarification being that Trump, in fact, meant “no.”

Of course, Donald Trump never actually had any intention of debating Bernie Sanders, despite his apparent newfound love of “women’s health issues” and the charities that support them.

Still, this all must be very upsetting for Bernie Sanders, who had even tweeted about how much he was looking forward to the event.

If I had to compare this situation to one scene in a late-90s Drew Barrymore movie, it would be this scene from 1999's Never Been Kissed:

Don’t give up on love yet, Bernie. You’ll get your kiss.